What is ADHD?

My friend, Soul Sister, posted this question on her Facebook page to see what her friends’ perceptions of ADHD were.  Remember, Soul Sister is my friend who got us in with Dr Fix-It.  Her little guy is Young Jedi’s birthday twin and has ADHD and clubfoot so we met via clubfoot and later figured out our boys were Birthday Twins.  As Sporty says, “It’s fair because me and Birthday Twin have clubfeet and you (Young Jedi) and Birthday Twin have ADHD.”  I laughed and said “Well it’s not very fair to Soul Sister who has a double whammy of both diagnoses rolled into one kid.”  That was our funny conversation for the day a couple of days ago.

But I digress…I must say, having Soul Sister go through both journeys with me has been a God Send.  I don’t know what I would do without her.

Here are some of the comments (just a handful because she got a lot great responses) that she got from her experiment:

“I have suffered my whole life with this. ADHD is hearing the whole room instead of one voice, unable to complete a task, forgetting why you went into a room, interrupting others because you will forget what you have to say, and so on”

“Inability to focus and complete a single task due to the overstimulation of environmental, emotional, physical, social factors surrounding a person.”

“Largely and grossly misdiagnosed which makes it more difficult to service the ones that truly need it”

“And often misplaced judgment when sharing your struggle.”

“Misunderstood. You can literally watch the kids fighting to control their body and being unable to stop the impulses. Then hear parents call the kid a bad influence”

For our family ADHD is a lot of things.  It’s not understanding the way Young Jedi’s beautiful mind works.  It’s constant chaos, it’s walking on egg shells waiting for the bottom to fall out even on a good day.  It’s judgement, “oh he’s young and a boy, it’s not really ADHD.  He’ll grow out of it.”  “You’re not medicating, are YOU!?!”  It’s knowing your child stands out in the crowd.  It’s losing friends, for you AND your child.  It’s the assumption that your don’t discipline.  It’s the sinking feeling when you can tell the girl in front of your child is crying because she doesn’t want to stand in line next to him.  It’s wanting to fix your child and making their world bright and happy again but not knowing how because they have to be parented completely differently than your other child.  It’s your child apologizing for getting their name on the board at school but recognizing he has no control over his body.  It’s sadness knowing your child is trying so hard but just can’t be successful.  It’s your child being behind academically, like really behind and wanting to help them but them literally not having the capacity to sit still and do more academics after 4 hours at school.  It’s your other child enduring hits and punches and kicks for no reason.  It’s your child telling you they don’t want to be a part of your family because no one loves them.  It’s a lack of resources.  It’s always being “on” and ready for the next meltdown and never really being able to relax and decompress.  It’s going to the closet and crying over the struggle your child will have in life and hoping for the strength to help them fight those battles.  It’s lonely.  It’s isolating.  It’s all of these and so much more.

But at the end of the day, these are the faces of ADHD for Soul Sister and I, two sweet boys that deserve a chance at success and happiness.  The reason to keep fighting.


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I had a nice afternoon of walking and riding bikes planned for today but there’s a massive wild fire nearby and we are shelter in place because of the smoke so I guess I’ll blog even though Young Jedi needs something every 30 seconds.

This weekend officially kicked off soccer season for Sporty with her first game on Saturday and a second game on Sunday.  I am now in soccer mom mode, driving around in my CR-V like the little mommy-UBER that I am.  I had flashbacks of softball weekends with the Saturday/Sunday game combo but it wasn’t so bad.  First, Young Jedi wasn’t there one Saturday so I didn’t have to try to entertain him and watch her at the same time.  He went to Marvel Universe Live with the Hubs.  Second, Saturday’s weather was perfect-o!  Breezy, cool, it was glorious.  And last and most importantly, it was 10 minutes down the road!  Fortunately, I still remember our packing routine from softball so I’ve got the wagon, supplies, and trunk arrangement down pat.

Sporty’s team looks GOOOD this season.  This is the third season together for most of them and the second season together for a handful, only because they are 4th graders and had to play up last year while the rest of the group played down.  They are in sync and communicate and they are in it to win!  Unfortunately, they lost the first game 1-2 but it was a tight game and they lost at the end of the second half.  We play them a couple more times this season so I know the girls will be looking for a win.  This team beat us a ton last year and the girls have the fire in their belly to get a win against them.

Sunday, they won 6-1.  Ironically, Sunday’s game was against Sporty’s travel softball coachs’ soccer team and she was extra aggressive going after the ball against her former softball teammates.  She got to the ball first every time, slowly her cheetah speed is returning.  Sporty didn’t have any goals this weekend but she had one assist and best of all, she was the first to high five her teammates who did score.  Let’s hear it for sportsmanship.

Sporty is loving this division in the rec league, they finally keep score and there are refs so she feels big time now!  And she’s super glad we didn’t move to the competitive team.  She’s gotten very close with most of the girls on the team and it’s so fun watching their bonds grow.

More on Young Jedi in a separate post, but I’ve seen some improvements in him the past couple of days.  He actually sat next to me on the picnic blanket and watched and cheered for Sporty’s team during a good portion of the game Sunday.  This is a huge improvement from the summer when he complained incessantly about sitting and watching Sporty play.  We are just about 3 weeks into fish oil supplements and 3 weeks without any food dyes in his diet so hoping we continue to see progress with him.  I’ll take small victories where I can get them.

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About Young Jedi

E165F5F7-5145-4B5B-A4EF-6B7F3F1FB487It’s been a while, we were able to get in a quick getaway to Monterey for a few days last week, summer is winding down and we’ve been frantically preparing for the first day of school (T-6 days but who’s counting!?! Ok, this lady is!). Sporty is falling nicely into soccer season. She did a soccer camp two weeks ago and was asked to play on the competitive team for her age group but she (and we) decided to keep softball her competitive sport and soccer her “fun” sport (but we all know she’ll make it competitive). Yesterday she spent practice running and holding hands with one of her friends and I knew we made the right decision.

And then there is Young Jedi. I’ve mentioned that he’s been a tough kid a few times but I think people think we’re over exaggerating. His outbursts and fits have gotten out of control and when he’s really upset he tells us he wants to leave our family and go somewhere else, these aren’t the normal, “well I’m going to run away from home” threats.  These are gut wrenching, pure full of despair crying episodes where he truly believes no one loves him no matter how long I sit and rub his back until he is calm and tell him I love him. I’ve expressed my concerns on his behavior since he was 2, he’s always been so extreme relative to peers. At 2 he nearly got kicked out of preschool for biting, we took him to a psychologist who said he had anxiety and a speech delay.  We moved him to a smaller preschool and got him speech therapy and things got better for a year.  He actually did really well in school, he was making friends, getting confident and showing interest in cooking.  Then things started to spiral out of control again about a year and a half ago.  He was having outbursts in school where he was telling the Director he hated her, he was kicking the filing cabinet, and just going into these rages.  We pulled him last October when I left work and things just didn’t improve, I even got notes home from his part time preschool that he was too chatty during circle time and was getting aggressive on the playground.  When I went to volunteer, kids in his class would tell me that Young Jedi was just a “big meanie.”  It broke my heart.  And it wasn’t isolated to school, we saw downward behavior at home as well.  While I can’t deny any of these accusations about Young Jedi, I also know that he’s compassionate, generous, creative, he’s the first to rush to comfort a crying person and deep down past the Dark Side of the Force he has a tender and loving heart.

Finally in January his doctor agreed he should be seen. It took me 4 months to find a psychologist who would see a 5 year old and take our insurance. Seriously don’t get me started on the state of our medical system. I came across a behavioral health counselor through our insurance who seriously has been a lifesaver for me, she did all of the research, touches base with me monthly (now that we’re on a treatment track), and just makes me feel like the world isn’t out to make us fail. She is assigned to us so we always get her and she’s just such a great resource. Well one meeting with Young Jedi and an ADD/ADHD survey and the psychologist passed us over to a psychiatrist for ADD meds. I mean Young Jedi was the picture of ADD at the appointment, he was laying upside down on a chair, kicking his feet and imagine he had 1000 web browsers open in his head and he was just bouncing his conversation from Icees, to hating school, to Star Wars, to wanting a dog, and back to one subject and then to another.  He was in rare form.  We were and are hesitant to start right in with meds (though there are some days that I’ll take whatever relief I can get from our despair) and our pediatrician wanted a full evaluation on him before agreeing to the diagnosis and medicating a 5 year old. So I called the developmental pediatrician she referred us to the first week of May and got scheduled for November 7th!?! November 7th!?! 6 months out!!!  I literally cried on the phone.

Then I learned Stanford has an 18 month waiting period. Then my dear friend (whom I owe immensely) spoke to her son’s Dr in late June and some emails with his assistant, tons of paperwork with a big glass of wine, and we miraculously got him scheduled for an August appointment, still a long way from June but hands down 100 times better than November 7th!  Things were going from bad to worse so at the urging of my friend, I dropped the assistant a note asking if there were any cancellations, he called me less than 24 hours later (what, a Dr that responds!?!) and it turns out they had an opening 2 days later, did I want it.  Um yes, do wild bears poop in the woods?  So I put on my big girl pants and drove to the city with Young Jedi for an hour evaluation. Have you ever tried to drive in rush hour to the city with Young Jedi? It’s not for the faint of heart! Of course he had to pee as we were waiting for the metering lights crossing the Bay Bridge.

I can’t even tell you the amazingness of this Dr (let’s call him Dr Fix-It).  First of all, he was on time.  Second of all, we went into the exam room and he was on the floor and addressed Young Jedi before acknowledging me and started playing blocks with him and dinosaurs.  Within 5 minutes, Young Jedi was agreeing to go off to the observation room with him and left me with the resident to fill out more questionnaires.  They were gone the bulk of the appointment.  Ok, it took 2 Legos to get Young Jedi to go see Dr Fluffy Unicorn after he broke his leg to get a cast put on said broken leg and he has literally known Dr Fluffy Unicorn his entire life.  But Dr Fix-It, he just runs off with within 5 minutes.  That’s serious skills!

Friday Hubs and I went without kids to meet with Dr. Fix-It and on Friday Young Jedi was diagnosed with ADHD and Inflexibility Temperament, cause apparently there’s a medical term for being a giant stubborn pain in the arse.

Our heads are spinning. There’s a lot of work to be done but the last two times we’ve left Dr Fix-It, I feel like there is a light. We’ve got some therapies, we’ve started DHA/Omega-3s (ever try giving a kid who can tell the different brands of milk, fish oil???) and I’m taking out all food dyes and trying to slowly wean out preservatives. It’s very daunting. Meanwhile we’re just trying to manage his temperament while we do our research (The Explosive Child, Mindset, are our super fun summer reads!).  Oh and Dr Fix-It is making me drop Young Jedi’s naps, I’m heartbroken.
It’s been a tough weekend. I’m mourning the acknowledgment of the struggles Young Jedi faces. I really wanted to have the Dr tell us that he was tough, but that he was within the normal boundaries of a 5 year old boy.  You know, the “Oh he’s just a boy!” excuse, I could almost will it out of him.  With Sporty, we were diagnosed in utero. I had 16 weeks to accept, research, and plan for treatment. With Young Jedi in a matter of minutes, it’s this is what we’re dealing with, here are starting treatments and you need to educate yourself on the diagnosis, all while trying to implement strategies while learning them. I feel like I’m messing it all up! I don’t want any of this for him or us and I fear there may be more diagnoses as he spends more time with Young Jedi. The Dr made a comment that he could tell that once you get to know Young Jedi, he’s the type of kid that you have to walk on egg shells around. It is so dead spot on, we fear the wrong move or comment (Sporty is the queen of coming up with these igniters) that can send Young Jedi into a downward spiral that becomes a 2 hour meltdown, or as Dr Fix-It calls it, Defcon 5.  I worry about him starting school and getting off on the wrong foot next week.  Like beyond stressed about kindergarten starting.

I’ve thought about keeping his diagnosis private, but then I’d feel like I’m embarrassed by him. Yes, sometimes (ok frequently) I’m embarrassed by his behavior but I’d never be embarrassed by my son. I’m more scared of the battles he’ll have socially, emotionally, and academically.  I haven’t seen him smile or be carefree in a really long time. I just want my happy, carefree boy back. I want to know he’ll come back. I got a glimpse of him yesterday and it was amazing, he was laughing his big belly laugh and acting silly and fun but today he is gone again and I’m sad about that.  I’m trying desperately to get that belly laugh back.  I’ll do whatever it takes to get his belly laugh back.

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The Old Switch-a-roo

Well, it's that time of the year again where we transition from softball (though we still have a few weeks left on her developmental team) to soccer. Today she started a soccer camp. (We tried to convince Young Jedi to join her so I would have 2 1/2 glorious hours to myself but he loathes soccer so no such luck there). It's just 2 1/2 hours this week but hopefully it will start to condition her for regular season which starts next week.

She had a good time and told me that her foot did not hurt "one bit" after camp. 👍👍

Oh and she was totally embarrassed to pose for a picture. I've officially hit embarrassing mom status. Why am I so excited about this!?!

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S-T-A-R Superstars Are What You Are

141964A7-FC75-47E9-B25A-E239664C1407First off, let me preface this post by saying the title is an ode to the countless softball cheers that I’ve heard repetitively over the past 6 weeks that I might N-E-V-E-R get out of my brain.  Like I wake up at 3am singing my favorite cheers until I can fall back to sleep.  Or I dream them, I don’t know, all I know is that they haunt me in my dreams!

With that said, Phantom U8 Summer league has officially come to an end.  We didn’t go out in the style that we all had hoped but Sporty learned so much and loved every aspect of playing against girls way better than her.  Sporty’s spring league team was undefeated this past year, so she was feeling pretty good about her softball skills.  And while there is no denying, she’s talented on the softball field, this travel season taught her that there are girls out there, her age, that are light years ahead of her.  And well, given Sporty’s personality and desire to win and be the best at everything, fortunately, this has made her want to work harder and practice more, thus net and tee for our backyard.

I’m so proud of her for doing this league, there’s no secret there (i.e. the amount of pictures and videos, I’ve posted on Facebook and Instagram this summer).  I know it’s annoying but it’s really hard for me to imagine where we were 7 1/2 months ago.  7 1/2 months ago, I would have never imagined that she would be able to play softball this competitively, she couldn’t even let her leg dangle from a chair or in her booster seat without intense pain.  7 1/2 months ago, Sporty was in excruciating pain recovering from her tendon transfer, pain that almost had me running her back to the hospital to be readmitted.  She was being wheeled around school in a wheelchair.  I had to push her into school in a stroller because she couldn’t use her walker to get from the parking lot to her class because it was too far and too painful.  She recovered slower than we had hoped and expected, went back into her AFO due to tendon fatigue and pain.  We had a detached tendon scare.  But here she was, playing 4 games a weekend, most of the time 3 of those on Saturdays, against some of the best softball players in the Bay Area, all with absolutely no foot pain!  It felt so good to trade casts and AFOs in for a good pair of cleats!  And I need to keep reminding myself of how far we’ve come, those were dark dark days for our family following her surgery, and seeing her on the field, happy and at peace doing what she loves, well that makes those dark days a little more bearable in my soul.

And then there is the pride despite their record, they lost many games by double digits but each week they showed up fresh and ready to play.  Sporty herself got out there in each tournament and pitched an inning or two.  She’d walk off the field and say she did horrible (which more often than not she did) but each week she asked for more, knowing all of her teammates, their parents, and the opposing team were out there, all eyes on her as she struggled to make the ball go over the plate.  That takes a lot of GUTS!  Guts I never would of had.

Then there was her performance and growth.  When the season started Sporty was probably in the bottom 25% of the team.  She batted at the end of the order and played lots of outfield.  By the last two tournaments she was in key positions and moved herself up to hit in the top 5, her last tournament she hit in the 3 or 4 spot.  She found her niche as a catcher and had some near throw outs down the 3rd base line.  Sporty was able to spot the runner stealing from 1st to 2nd base and try to throw her out without her coaches directing the play.  She became aware of the field and situations.  Sporty also played a mean 3rd base.

There were days where it was a 107 in the blazing sun, no shade on the field, some of the fields were worn down and not maintained, some were make shift AstroTurf fields, and they were losing by 10+ runs, they all could have quit, they were seeded last in most tournaments, but they ran out on the field each inning, heads held high.  Those are the things I am most proud of, Sporty and her teammates held their heads up high and competed when they could have quit.  And to me, that makes the weekends lost at the softball fields worth it.  Life doesn’t always hand you undefeated seasons, but you need to get back up and go out there time after time and keep trying.  Sporty learned that valuable lesson this summer.

I’ve posted a video and picture of Sporty getting hit by a pitch at her last at bat.  We thought for sure that Sporty was going to be in tears, I could hear the thunk as it hit her shoulder from the stands and as Hubs rounded the backstop to check on her she had a huge smile on her face.  After the game I noticed stitch marks on her jersey.  That’s how hard it hit her.  Hubs asked her how she didn’t cry.  She responded, “I don’t know, I knew I was going to get hit, the pitcher didn’t adjust to me being a left handed batter, so I knew the ball was going to hit me.”  Hubs asked her why she didn’t move.  She responded: “I knew we were down and needed base runners to score runs so I took one for the team.”  How does her brain work like that at 8!?!



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Training Center

DE6271E1-58B8-4EAB-90F0-81C718A2E314B6B5A05D-9D81-4439-B935-E9423F1A76B3We’re slowly but surely creating a little training center in our postage stamp of a backyard (excuse the crazy tall weeds, we haven’t been home on the weekends to mow it!).  Sporty has been begging for a net for our backyard to help her practice pitching but I was hesitant to invest (those suckers get pricey) not knowing her commitment to softball, she is 8 after all.  But after seeing her passion for pitching and clearly she’s committed to softball, I broke and invested in a pop-up net.  Hubs convinced me to get a 7 ft net versus a 5 ft net so my 5’4″ self pretty much needs a step stool to get it set up but since we’ve already lost a few balls over the fence that Sporty has pitched, it was probably a wise choice.  And yes, Sporty pitched a ball over a 7′ net, fully grown cab vine (don’t worry, no wine grapes were harmed in the incident), and a fence to lose the ball.  Thinking we should skip pitching this tournament, but that’s just me.  (Plus I don’t need any more grey hairs!).

Well then, I came across a coupon to Big 5 AND a a reasonably priced tee that they happened to have in the store close by.  So viola, we can now take some batting practice.  Now we’re just missing a bucket of balls (who knew a bucket of softballs would run upwards of $100!?!) and a pitching rubber.  The kids love it so far and it gives me almost an hour of them outside practicing while I clean or make dinner without having to fully watch them.

Even Young Jedi, who likes ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, is excited to practice his throwing and hitting skills.  Actually, this travel team has also benefited Young Jedi.  I’ve mentioned some of the struggles we’ve had with Young Jedi, the struggle is seriously REAL with this kid.  We’re schedule to meet with a developmental pediatrician next month to crack the code on this kid but seeing Spor56192A82-93BC-48D9-BEC4-CA5330C31166ty into softball and competing has sparked an interest in Young Jedi that we’ve never seen (other than his obsession with Star Wars and Power Rangers).  He wants to play catch, practice batting and he even asked for us to sign him up to play fall baseball.  Usually he rejects activities because he feels like he’s not any good or he’s embarrassed he won’t be good, or someone has teased him once and he gives up on the activity but watching Sporty with her teammates, he’s been more and more into baseball and even brings his glove with him to practices and games. When we told him he had to move up to coach pitch and he couldn’t play tee-ball anymore he was super excited to take the next step.  So I am thrilled to see him take interest in something.

So I’ve got my eyes peeled for a pitching rubber and a bucket of balls to complete our training facility.  Unfortunately, no Prime Day deals on those items this week!

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So So Close

This past weekend we trekked down to San Jose for our 3rd of 4 tournaments!  I can’t believe our summer ball season is coming to end!  Sporty has had soooo much fun playing competitive softball.  And her skills have improved dramatically in the 6 weeks that she’s been playing.

The girls played incredibly this past weekend.  In fact, they didn’t have any of those 0-15 or 0-19 blowouts against them.  They lost their first game by a few runs and tied their second two games Saturday.  This was their first tournament where walks were allowed and there was no coach pitch to save them from those 4 balls but they held their own and their bats came alive this weekend!  They were also able to steal to 2nd and 3rd bases.  It was really exciting to watch.

Sporty got to play catcher and pitch.  Pitching, well we still have a lot of work to do, it wasn’t as bad as her Burlingame tournament outing but not as good as her Pleasanton pitching outing.  But as a catcher, she killed it!  She was on it and loved trying to throw the runners out that took big leads on 3rd.  And Sporty got her first fast pitch hit off of probably one of the fastest and most accurate pitchers in the first round of playoffs.  She started a rally which brought them within 1 run of the other team.  They ended up losing in the first round but that team went on to win the whole tournament so there was no shame in that loss.  And truthfully, they should have and could have won.

This weekend is our last tournament and while I’m super glad to have our weekends back (being at a field at 7am that is an hour away is BRUTAL!), I will miss the games and the experience of travel ball.  It’s a great group of girls and parents so I am definitely glad we had this experience.  Sporty is sad to see it end too, she told me on the way to practice last night that she is sad to see it end and wishes there were more tournaments to play in.  She’s hungry for a Sunday win so that they can keep progressing in the tournament to make this season last longer.  I know Young Jedi will be happy to NOT have to sit at softball fields ALL day long!  We owe him a few solids to make up for the long hot days he’s spent pretending to watch his sister (those popsicle and snow cone bribes only get us so far).

And the glory of it all, I asked her this weekend of her feet hurt at the end of the day after playing 3 games and she looked at me like I was insane.  Why would I even be asking her such a thing?  I’m like, you know, you had surgery 7 months ago, does your foot ever hurt after playing 3 games in a day (sometimes, they are back to back).  Nope, she replied, they feel good!  All I ever could have hoped for!

So here’s our picture recap of the tournament and of course video of her first fast pitch hit!




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Like Boss’

Sporty and I got new hats. I saw a lady wearing a super cute trucker hat that said “Soccer Mom” this week while on vacation so I just needed to have a “Softball Mom” hat for our endless hours spent on the softball fields. After some debate with hubs about whether asking random lady about her hat was creepy or not and some liquid courage, I finally asked where she got it. Turns out, they’re from a company called Mother Trucker.  So while still at dinner I started surfing for my perfect hat, and while I was surfing for “Softball Mom,” I came across “#girlstrong,” and, well, it screamed Sporty.  Seriously, cutest hats, I may need to add “Soccer Mom” to my wardrobe for Sporty’s upcoming soccer season and of course “Baseball Mom” for Young Jedi’s adventures on the baseball diamond. And maybe I can convince them to make a #madetorun hat!!!  So here we are sporting (get it!?!) our new hats. They came just in time for Sporty’s third tournament. More on that later!

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Home Sweet Home

Last weekend Phantom hosted a tournament at our home sweet home fields. It was so nice hosting the tournament for a variety of reasons a) we didn’t have to drive an hour for our early game b) we got visitors and c) the girls were comfortable on their home turf. 

An added bonus is that we played Friday night which left us only playing 2 games on Saturday which happened to be 9:30am and 5:00pm so it felt like we actually had a Saturday in between. 

Friday night the girls lost pretty bad, like 0-15 bad. Saturday morning they lost 0-1 and they brought home a 12-2 win Saturday evening. We still got the 8am Sunday playoff slot and the girls ended up losing 0-1. They are really starting to hold their own against really good teams!  The girls were definitely sad to lose and not protect their home turf but they’ve improved so much in the short summer that they’ve spent together and it’s so fun to watch them play. The parents are great too and when a girl makes a great play, the parents all high five that girls’ parents to celebrate the success. 

Sporty was also lucky enough to have her former Kindergarten teacher come and watch her first game and then her friend and her mom came Saturday evening game. She loved having fans cheer her on!

Sporty oh Sporty. Sporty played well. She told me her coach had her on the roster to pitch the first inning of the evening game Saturday night. I tried to talk her out of it. Sporty has had no training and before this travel team, never pitched in a game before since her spring league still did coach pitch at her age. I tried explaining to her that the coaches will put her where they think she’s the biggest asset to the team. Pitching probably isn’t it right now since she hasn’t had opportunity but we’d get her opportunity and practice if she was really serious about this. She was hell bent on pitching. I even spoke to coach and told him  if he wanted to pull her, we would not be upset with him. But he stuck with her. Now I’m not the type of mom to tell her kid that she sucks. I never said that. I just tried to stress that she’s stronger in other positions, catcher, 2nd base, even outfield where she’s had some great plays. But when Sporty gets something in her mind, there’s little one can do to persuade her otherwise. This is an attribute that’s allowed her to overcome her obstacles in life but isn’t always the easiest trait to parent. She looked at me and said “Mom, I can do this.” 

And I’d like to add “May we survive raising them!”

Her last pitching outing in her first tournament was downright embarrassing, no one wants to see their kid look awful out on the field. She threw one strike. This time, wow, what a different story. Her second pitch, the batter hit a choppy grounder to her, she fielded it and threw a perfect throw to first for the out. The key, she threw a pitch that someone could hit!  There were ups and downs the rest of the inning, she gave up 2 runs. Threw about a dozen strikes, hit 2 batters and had some hits off of her. She was right, she could do it. Once again I’ve learned not to under estimate the power of the human spirit. 

She had some good plays the rest of her tournament including a double play at 3rd where she fielded a fly ball and tagged the runner out on third who didn’t tag up on the fly. I asked how she knew to do that and she said “I just couldn’t let them score another run!”  Her innate knowledge of the game baffles me sometimes. Now we just need to get her bat swinging!

So that leaves us with 2 more tournaments this summer. It will be nice to have our weekends back but I will miss watching Sporty and her teammates play and improve each week!

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If You Give A Sporty a New Bat

If you give a Sporty a new bat, she will approach the plate with a new level of confidence, pride, and determination.

After Sporty’s first tournament and after seeing how fast some of her opponents can pitch, Hubs finally agreed with Sporty and myself that she needed a new lighter bat to help with her bat speed.  I looked at our local places – Dick’s, Big 5 but since it’s not softball season, inventory was super low.  We heard about this place called West Coast Sports about 20 miles away that is a huge warehouse full of softball and baseball gear.  So we made



812D866E-4DA0-4572-B460-0B5DC9B3B9F1the trek out to this place and it was HOLY softball and baseball gear, I’m talking 2 stories of stuff.  Sporty scored herself a sweet Louisville Slugger TPS 12.5oz bat (her current bat is at 16oz!), Young Jedi got himself an awesome gear backpack since we’ve been kicking it old school with the stick bags and I got myself a new softball glove since I’ve been using my >20 year old softball glove from high school!  We got all of our stuff for a fraction of normal retail!




Sporty is so proud of her new bat and has been showing everyone that she can her recent acquisition.

So if you give a Sporty a new bat, she can conquer the world!

Here’s a video of Sporty testing her new bat at the pitching machine!

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